The mission of the Stichting Kunstenaarsdorp Zweeloo (sKZ) is to preserve and disseminate the special significance of Zweeloo and its surroundings as an artists’ village- with nature and rural life as a source of inspiration for artists. Our motto is: “enjoy what once was and still is, experience nature and rural life and see it through the eyes of the artist.”

Judging by the many paintings done in Zweeloo and the surrounding area, artists have found inspiration here since the 18th century. Over the years, Jan Warmolts, art lover and long-time resident of Zweeloo, collected numerous images of the paintings done here, along with information about them.

This website enables you to enjoy all these works.

Note: if you notice any errors in the descriptions can provide additional information about painters and/or paintings that are missing, you are welcome to let us know. Please send an e-mail to: