Our Museum

The Zweeloo Artists’ Village is situated in southeast Drenthe in an inspiring area of beauty. The other rural villages around Zweeloo (Aalden, Benneveld, Meppen and Wezup), share the same historic ambience with Zweeloo. All of them have inspired many artists.

Most of the artists’ villages, united in EuroArt, have their own museum. Zweeloo does not have a museum but we are proud to declares that ‘our museum is outdoors’. This means that our village has preserved most of the natural beauty which attracted those artists.

We are pleased to present the virtual Zweeloo Art Collection here on this website. It is intented to make up for the lack of a museum. Our Art Collection consists of 640 paintings done by 150 painters since the 1780’s until today. In due course, we hope to include all of them on this website.