Ad Blok van der Velden

Ad Blok van de Velde

Ad Blok van der Velden, Dordrecht, 1913 - 1980

Ad Blok der Velden received his training at the Rotterdam Academy, followed by a stint in Nice, after which he settled on the island of Texel. During the war he was put to work in Drenthe by the German occupiers and remained there for a while even after he could return. Jan Kagie in Rolde offered ‘Blok’ and his wife temporary accommodation and so the two artists went out together to work.
Blok van der Velden was prolific, producing hundreds of watercolours, etchings, paintings and drawings. Fifty years after the war the work he had done in Drenthe was donated to Assen municipality.

Werken van Ad Blok van der Velden