Agnes van Eupen

Kunstenares Agnes van Eupen

Agnes van Eupen, Nijmegen, 1945 -

Agnes van Eupen grew up in the arboreal environment of Nijmegen. After a number of years’ study at the Academy for Fine Art in Breda, she took a teacher training course in handicrafts in Nijmegen. In 1973 she moved to rural southwest Groningen, where the landscape inspired her to paint space and light. At the same time she taught painting and drawing and organised art education projects under the name of ‘Kunstontmoeting’ (Art Encounter). In 2011 she moved to picturesque Meppen in Drenthe.

She does not aim for realism or immediately recognizable sights, no perfect details, but rather allows imagination and reality to come together in her visual narratives. These fleeting moments are captured as she paints in acrylic, watercolour or with pastels: sky, land and water forming the reflections of our day-to-day lives.