Alexander Mollinger

Kunstschilder Alexander Mollinger

Alexander Mollinger, Utrecht, 1836 - 1867

Fourteen years younger than his friend and teacher Willem Roelofs, Alexander Mollinger  travelled with him from Brussels to Drenthe. They apparently often sat next to each other when sketching and so their work can easily be compared: the pupil was certainly no inferior to his tutor. Mollinger sold a painting of the church at Zweeloo at an exhibition in Edinburgh in 1865.

This Dutch painting was so well liked by Scottish art collectors that the work not just of Mollinger but also of Roelofs and other Dutch painters too, sold well in Scotland. Scottish painters also travelled to the Netherlands to find inspiration. Mollinger died at the age of 31, deeply mourned by his family, friends and those who admired his work.


Werken van Alexander Mollinger