Alphonse Stengelin

Portret Alphonse Stengelin

Alphonse Stengelin, Lyon, 1852 - 1938

From the letters of the French Alphonse Stengelin it can be gathered how it came to be that  despite so much interest, Zweeloo did not become an artist colony after all. Whenever Stengelin wrote a letter to book a room, the answer was always that the inn was fully booked. When he arrived anyway it was clear that this is not the case and the innkeeper grudgingly accepted him. A friend of Stengelin was not welcome, however, only the schoolmaster’s box bed could be found for the friend and his wife. Stengelin was not very pleased with the innkeeper either: at the end of the summer he wrote that he never wanted to go back there or see that miser again. Stengelin had a studio in Hooghalen, at Café Kuiper, where he was very welcome.