Beatrix Y. Copier

Zelfportret Beatrix Copier

Beatrix Y. Copier, Zwanenburg, 1954 -

Her creative search starts in her youth with black/white drawings, copying portraits and landscapes.
As a young adult at the Free Drawing Academy Amsterdam, she discovered her preference for graphics and feels the challenge to do something with it.
After a long period without drawing, because she could not combine this with her employment, she re-started it during the nineties and followed several courses.
She, herewith, discovered all kinds of materials and in the long run chooses acrylic and sometimes oil paint. After a year at the Haarlem Academy of Art and an art education in 2017 – 2018 at De Werker in Groningen, three matters became very clear to her: colourful work (abstract and figurative) and collage technique became her speciality.