Bert Robben

Kunstschilder Bert Robben, Zweeloo

Bert Robben, Emmen, 1950 -

Bert Robben lives in Zweeloo and paints as a pastime. He creates works in oils, watercolour and acrylics. He is self taught and has received no formal training. Painting forms a contrast to his passion for technology. His work, inspired by ‘the everyday and the ordinary’, attempts to capture the character, emotion and expressions of people, animals and nature.
Through careful study he tries to find the emotions, drama and humour in every piece which then lead to the creation of the whole. Creating a striking likeness of a person or an animal in a portrait is something that fascinates him. Every time he sets up a new painting he feels the challenge of how to combine his own feelings with the reality, sentiment and character of the new work before him.

Werken van Bert Robben