Charles Kemper

Kunstschilder Charles Kemper

Charles Kemper, Heemstede, 1913 - 1985

He attended the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts and, inspired by his teacher, the renowned Haarlem artist Henri. F. Boot, decided to become a painter, too. Further to winning a prize in 1940 with a view of Schiedam, he was encouraged to continue as a watercolourist, illustrator, painter and drawing artist.  He was part of the Argus exhibition group.  He painted the city, harbours, figures and portraits. Several of his works can be seen in Museum Overschie. His interiors of bars and pubs were a separate genre. Perhaps due to the national renown of café Perkaan (due to Cuby & the Blizzards blues band) he took a day trip to Wezup where he did several drawings. His father was the artist Charles Maarten Kemper.

Werken van Charles Kemper