Harry Soepenberg

kunstschilder Harry Soepenberg

Harry Soepenberg, 1970, Den Ham (Ov) -

Harry Soepenberg particularly enjoys painting landscapes that capture the light and atmosphere of the Vechtdal valley and the river Reest. The landscape of both Overijssel and Drenthe constantly provide him with new inspiration to paint.

To learn to see light on colour and light and shadow better, he also likes to paint outdoors on site. This outdoor work is painted quickly and spontaneously which often lends it an added vitality. Since 2012 Soepenberg has had many painting lessons from the artist Jan Oosting from Hardenberg. By applying the principles he learned there, when painting either at home or outdoors, he was able to speed up the learning process. Apart from landscapes, his subjects also include buildings, townscapes and portraits.