Janny Jalving

Portret Janny Jalving

Janny Jalving, Klijndijk, 1923 -

Born in 1923 the child of a farm labourer, her urge to draw came entirely from within. There was no art on the walls, until she started to hang her own work there. There were no books in the house or at school to inspire her. It was already clear by the time she was five that she wanted to draw.  As an adult she received a few drawing lessons and continued on with that in her own way. Old farmhouses were Janny’s greatest love, places where life had been lived, something that was beautiful to her. She also loved skies, the wild landscape of Drenthe, the flowers in bloom in springtime. She continued to paint well into old age, exhibited often and sold a lot of her work. She received many visitors to her studio which was signposted with a wrought-iron sign ‘Atelier Janny Jalving’ mounted on a tree.