Kees Thijn

Kunstenaars Kees Thijn

Kees Thijn, Emmen, 1933 -

Kees Thijn has been an artist since 1966 alongside a career in the medical world as Professor C.J.P. Thijn. Last as professor of radio diagnostics, a position which he held until he took early retirement in 1995. Besides portraits and still lifes, his work consists of imaginative figurative scenes with a mix of influences taken from symbolic and surrealist art. Kees Thijn has a rich, original and highly personal oeuvre to his name. The work is intended as a celebration of life. For many years he was also chairman of the Drents Schildersgenootschap (Drenthe Artists’ Society). He set up Museum Thijnhof in Coevorden. His work ‘Twee Drentse boeren in café Perkaan van Wezup’ (Two Drenthe farmers in café Perkaan in Wezup) is realistically painted in oil on canvas. It captures the familiar atmosphere of the famous café Perkaan.