Willem van der Nat

Kunstschilder Willem van der Nat

Willem van der Nat, Leiden, 1864 - 1929

Willem van der Nat, Leiden 1864 – 1929

Willem van der Nat trained at The Hague Academy in 1881. From an early age he earned his living as a lithographer and illustrator. His contact with the art educator Bremmer led to dealers taking an interest in his work. Later, as he started to become more well known, he also started visiting Drenthe from 1900 to work in Borger and Oosterhesselen. We was inspired by the work of Jean-Francois Millet. Scenes from farm life held his particular interest. His style changed several times. Finally, it was still lifes which captivated him, with simple subjects taken from his immediate surroundings. The Drents Museum also has work by Willem van der Nat. A visit to Zweeloo resulted in a quick sketch/watercolour of the little church which in 2007 was sold for €180 at auction to an art collector from Zuidwolde.

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